Homesick and I’m not even close to mad.

New Keyboard

I just got a new keyboard and I just want to make a random post and use it like just about anyone else would. I’m not too sure how many people actually do this, but I’m not them so I don’t really care. I got the Logitech K400r wireless keyboard. I thought in the store that it was a Bluetooth keyboard, but it turns out that it’s just wireless. It doesn’t really matter to me because I like it and I can now use tumblr on my tv a lot more easily. Well I gotta go, so I’ll cya round.

You’re sitting here just like the rest of us and searching different hash tags aren’t you?

Thank you

I liked “The Best of Tumblr” on Facebook and it got me back into it, but this time I’m not going to lurk or be an idiot. I’ve only been back about an hour and I’m already addicted again.

Have you met the Bassist?

We’re normally relaxed people that just like to truly feel the music, that’s why we don’t care that we don’t really get recognized. And it’s weird because we’re like a big family and know just how to help other bassists as well as other people. My name may be Meanster401, but when I pick up a bass or find a nice person I’m anything but.


     I`m sorry that I do not have any videos on Facebook I am creating another channel for the videos that and I got intio Skyrim on my Xbox 360 and don`t know how to record it yet.


What do you think?
So people what do you think of my videos? I don`t really care if you put bad comments (I`ll take it as constructive criticism), but I will very much appreciate it if you say good things.
I`m on Tumblr!

     I`m now on Tumblr! I will most likely post on here, facebook, and Twitter before I post a video on YouTube and what the content will be and maybe even put the video on them afterwards.